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EZ Driving School Have ICBC Certified Instructors

Best driving school for ICBC Class 5 & 7 Licence. Serving Vancouver. Surrey, Richmond, Delta & Langley.

We Speak English, Hindi, Punjabi Urdu & Mandarin

ICBC Approved, Certified Instructors, 99% Success Guaranteed

Best Driving School Surrey BC

Why EZ Driving School

  • Accredited BC Driving School
  • Free Home Pick-Up And Drop Off In The Local Areas
  • Friendly, Punctual, Mature, and Responsible Instructors
  • Best Prices with Quality Instructions
  • Flexibility, Reliability, Patience and Courteous Service
  • Private In Car Lessons
  • Road Test Preparation
  • Use Of Vehicles For Road Test
  • An Impeccable Safety Record
  • The Best Value Around
  • Fully Insured, Licensed & Bonded

EZ Driving School serves you by presenting the most comprehensive program developed for the purpose of providing important information relating to the needs of new and experienced motorists. Many driving schools in the area will teach your child  how to drive. But at EZ driving school, not only do we teach how to drive, but how to be a safe, responsible, and defensive driver too. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of your child and incorporates learning with  highly qualified instructors.

Our experienced instructors teach you the best driving skills and finally make you able to slide over the road with your own vehicle. You will take the best experience At EZ Driving School In Surrey, Vancouver BC.

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Congratulations Muhammad! Thank you for choosing EZ Driving School Surrey BC!

One of our students got his N at his first attempt.

Muhammad Says:

Ez Driving School BC is the best driving school in Surrey BC. Instructor explains everything i need to know, he is very nice and tells what will be on the driving test. He guide and practice everything multiple times with very patience. He helped me to get pass my driving test. This is the only driving school that I will recommend.

At EZ Driving school, our mission is to offer the knowledge and tools to you so that you can become a safe, smart and defensive driver. This is the driving school where you can find the best driving instructor near me. One can find several options such as class 7 driving, class 5 driving etc. so that the desired lessons could be selected. The lessons are offer by highly experienced, friendly, mature, responsible and punctual instructors so that you can become a confident, safe and engaged driver. Whether the requirement to join driving school is for brushing up skills of driving or for getting the license, EZ Driving School serves to be the best destination where you can find all the desired solutions.

It is a fact that the learning style of different people is different and therefore best lessons are offered so that the varying needs could be properly met. If you are in search of best driving school near me then EZ Driving School is the best source where you find varied options such as class 5 driving, class 7 driving and several other different lessons required to become a skilled driver. Our instructors adapt the lessons in the way that same driving laws and dynamics are learned by all and that too in the style that they prefer and find comfortable.

By selecting any one of the course offered at our driving school, you get the chance to acquire driving skills and the abilities helpful to pass the test of driver at the first go. Sound and good driving habits are taught by our experienced and passionate instructors to make sure that complete traffic scene is paid with complete attention by the drivers learning from our driving school. These factors are the reason why we serve as the best driving school in Surrey Central. If you want to find the best driving instructor near me in Surrey then EZ Driving School is the best solutions.

To make these courses easily accessible to all, we serve at number of locations including Langley, White Rock, Vancouver, Richmond, Cloverdale, Surrey Central,Strawberry Hill, Guildford, Delta etc. So, one can join classes in any desired location that they find easy to access. Our aim is to let drivers learn the best skills so that no loop is left in there driving. The facility offered in local areas for free home drop off and pick up serve as the additional advantage that one can get at our driving school.

Whether you are a newbie or just want skills brushing up we are here to serve you with the best. Location is not a problem since the learning centers are at several locations such as Vancouver, Cloverdale, Langley, Surrey Central, White Rock, Strawberry Hill, Delta, Guildford, Richmond etc. Therefore all that you need to focus is on your skills and learning sessions. Our instructors help the learners to focus on their strengths while working on their weak points so that one can become a skilled driver who is able to drive safely and smartly while following all the traffic rules.